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Bridge the gap between guessing and knowing

A note from our founder

Data is your competitive advantage

In a world where information is widely available and very fragmented, we strive to create systems and relationships so that the information you have becomes more meaningful and clear, allowing you to inform your decisions.

We are a small boutique company, 100% bootstrapped, that specialize in rapidly building multiple profitable software products (SaaS) by collecting third-party data in several industries.

Flat foundations

Here are our core values and principles

Velocity is declined in many ways in our day-to-day work: we go to market as fast as we can, we try to ship features fairly fast, we try to have a minimal turnaround time on support tickets.

We keep our team small so that we can ship features faster than bigger corporations. Velocity is one of our competitive edges.

We don't focus on one thing. We try to create new autonomous, loosely interconnected projects by subtracting features from existing projects and starting new niche-focused tools where those features become core.

We were inspired by reading about the idea of a rhizome, a philosophical concept developed by French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.
Bootstrapped & Profit First
We ensure we have no or little overhead so that we can pay ourselves first and ensure the survival of the business. All of our solutions are built with an initial capital of less than $100. We also actively avoid working with investors.

By operating this way we are able to reach profitability from day 1, every time we start a new project. We are also able to approach problems creatively, instead of just throwing money at them.
Truly AI-driven
Our AI CEO bot, Brain, can access vast troves of data and possess an intimate understanding of our market, financials, and ongoing projects. We already delegate major decisions to Brain, which is equipped with insights surpassing our own. We also heavily employ AI to reduce stress on the humans working in the company.

We currently run a $1M portfolio of 10+ software products
and media properties including..

And more..

We ship a lot.

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We have a small, atypical team made up by humans and machines.

Mike human

Chief Executive Everything

Last worked on new phone country prefix on apply 2 for one of our SaaS products

Clarice human

Chief of Staff

Last worked on f/u cust d for one of our SaaS products

Desiree human

Personal assistant

Last worked on update mail lead a for one of our SaaS products

Brain AI

AI Chief Executive Officer

Last took a decision on which product to work next.

Sarah AI

AI Sales Development Rep

Last worked on demo call for one of our products.

Sergio human

Sales Development Rep

Last worked on demo call for one of our products.

Estuardo human

Sales Development Rep

Last worked on demo call for one of our products.

5+ Contractors human

Marketing, Sales

We outsource specific marketing and sales activities to stellar contractors

100+ Robots AI

Everything else

Bots and AI agents do the hard work 24/7, even when our team is not around

We are hiring
Want to manage different SaaS products? We are looking for a junior PHP developer.

We have a small, atypical team made up by humans and machines. Perks of working with us include:
  • We work remotely
  • We always pay on time, upfront every month.
  • Every team member is a contractor which makes your work very flexible.
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Financial report, published on December 31, 2023 (5 months ago)
    Company news, published on January 25, 2022 (2 years ago)
    Company news, published on December 27, 2021 (2 years ago)

    Our bootstrapped fund

    Aside from building products from scratch, we run an alternative, bootstrapped fund.

    Investment thesis
    • we only invest in products with little or no revenue
    • we only invest in products we can improve fast
    • we only invest in products we can cross-sell within our portfolio
    • we only invest in bootstrapped products
    • we always retain 100% equity (full buyouts)

    Our podcast

    Listen to adventures and learnings in building, launching and running a portfolio of profitable SaaS products.

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    Wearable products inspired by our SaaS and digital products.

    We are green

    Every year, we plant real trees for our most loyal customers. 🌴

    So far, we planted 45 trees. As trees grow, they will absorb CO2, protect the soil and biodiversity.